Blackpool Promenade can be enjoyed on foot or by tram, taking in the Irish Sea air, the golden sands and the bustle of Blackpool's Golden Mile.

Diverse attractions include the magical Blackpool Illuminations and art works in the new Great Promenade Show which is beautifully blended into the South Shore Promenade.

Blackpool Illuminations

Every Autumn usually from late August until early November Blackpool Promenade becomes a unique magical night light experience.

The beauty of the Blackpool Illumination lights has to be seen and their ceremonial switching on is now a famous Blackpool tradition.

An excellent view of the Blackpool illuminations can be had from any one of the three piers located along the Prom. Each has a different character but all three have shows, entertainment, amusements and bars.

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool's Golden Mile & Trams

Blackpool's famous Golden Mile stretches from the North Pier to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and is the bustling heart of Blackpool.

Here you'll find arcades such as Oasis and Funland and numerous novelty shops.

Many of the key attractions can be found on this stretch of Blackpool's promenade, including Louis Tussaud's Waxworks and the Exhibition of the Universe (formally the Alien and UFO Exhibition).

Integral to Blackpool Promenade and Blackpool history are the Blackpool Trams which run with regularly along the full Stretch of the Promenade.

For a detailed analysis of Blackpool Tram history and specific trams over the years check out: www.fts-blackpool.org.uk

Promenade tram during Blackpool Illuminations

Blackpool's Great Promenade Show

Blackpool's relatively new Great Promenade Show can be found further south past the Pleasure Beach at the Starr Gate end.

The show consists of various open air art works blended beautifully into this un-commercial section of the South Shore promenade.

Kids like the fact that they can touch, interact and get close to the art works.

An all year round treat for curious kids and fine art lovers alike and its FREE!

For full information on current art works and more check out: www.greatpromenadeshow.co.uk

Blackpools Great Promenade Show
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